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Chapter by chapter summary of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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Chapter by chapter summary #

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde #

Andrea Bortolotti #

Chapter 1 #

In the first chapter there is a conversation between two friends, Richard Enfield – a fun-loving man – and Mr. Utterson – a serious and loyal lawyer. Enfield talked about a cruelty episode, where, in the middle of the night, a man stepped over a young girl that fell. He was called β€˜Mr. Hyde’, and agreed to pay the fell girl’s family. He paid with a cheque of a well-known man, and took the cheque from a dusty home,located in the street in which the two friends were talking.

Chapter 2 #

Mr Utterson the lawyer, receives an envelope that contains the will of Dr. Henry Jekyll, - an old friend of him -; it said ”If I die or if I disappear for three months, i wish to leave everything I own to my dear friend Edward Hyde" . Mr Utterson is worried for this will and decides to investigate. He hides near Dr.Jekyll’s home and sees Mr Hyde entering the home. He tries to speak with Mr Hyde about Dr. Jekyll, but he doesn’t want to. Which kind of relationship links Dr.Jekyll with Mr Hyde?

Chapter 3 #

A year later, Mr. Hyde murdered an old man who was asking his way to him. The murder weapon was a broken stick, which Utterson gifted to Dr. Jekyll long time ago. Utterson had a look around in the house of Dr.Jekyll with a police inspector. He found a cheque and the other half of the murder weapon. From now on, Mr.Hyde is wanted, even if no one has seen his face.

Chapter 4 #

Mr Utterson went to visit Dr Jekyll after this terrible murder. He looked white and ill. Dr. Jekyll gave to Mr. Utterson an envelope that he claimed was written by the murderer, Mr. Hyde. Utterson took the envelope and thanks to the help of Dr. Guest, an expert in the study of handwriting , he discovered that the envelope was written by Dr. Jekyll, as well.

Chapter 5 #

Henry Jekyll comes back to normal life, he meets friends and goes to church. But suddenly, he won’t let anyone enter his house. Meanwhile, Dr. Lanyon tells Utterson that he will die soon, and he doesn’t want to hear Jekyll’s name. Lanyon dies, he leaves an envelope with a secret story that must be opened by Utterson only if Jekyll is dead or disappeared. Jekyll’s servant is called every day by Utterson, and he says him that Jekyll is living in his laboratory, day and night, with a locked door and orders for servants written on pieces of paper.

Chapter 6 #

Utterson was walking with his friend Enfield, when they saw Dr. Jekyll’ s laboratory. They want to meet the doctor outside, but he doesn’t want to, and he says that the laboratory is too untidy to meet, so they talk to each other from a big distance. Suddenly Dr. Jekyll’s face becomes full of fear, and the window is shut. Enfield and Utterson walk away, they’re both worried.

Chapter 7 #

Poole, Jekyll’s servant, goes to Utterson’s house. He’ s worried about Jekyll, and he takes Utterson with him on the way to Jekyll’s house. Poole tells Utterson that Jekyll is obsessed to find some chemicals for his experiments. Once there, they find all the servants scared in one room, and often they hear an unusual voice, unusual footsteps coming from the laboratory. They are both quite sure Mr. Hyde murdered Jekyll and it’s still there, so they break down the door. They find Hyde’s body laying on the ground, maybe he Drank poison. They cannot find Dr. Jekyll, but they find 3 envelopes of him, one says he is disappeared, the second one is his final will, the third one is a confession to read after Dr. Lanyon ’s letter.

Chapter 8 #

In his letter, Dr.Lanyon said that he received a letter from Dr. Jekyll. According to Jekyll, to help him, he has to take some chemical powders from Jekyll’s house, by breaking the laboratory door with a locksmith and the servant Poole, that already knows this order. Then Lanyon must to give them to an unknown stranger at midnight. The stranger was Mr. Hyde. Hyde mixed the powders in a glass that became green, then asked Lanyon if he wanted to stay and experience something unknown to science. Lanyon remained there, and he saw Mr. Hyde breathing fast, becoming taller and more fat . He became Dr.Jekyll.

Chapter 9 #

In his envelope, Dr. Jekyll writes about his story. He was a serious, respected, hard-working doctor, but he was bored, and he wanted to make his fun-loving side emerge, to bring a little of fun to his dull life. He created a Drug to separate these two characters, it required a double dose to become Hyde and a dose to become Jekyll. Time passed, things changed. Hyde’s side became stronger, a double dose was required to become Jekyll, and, after a rest, Jekyll always became Hyde. The Drug left was not enough to transform again Hyde in Jekyll. So, as Hyde, he wrote his servants to find chemicals for new doses of Drug. Servants brought him the listed chemicals, but they didn’t work. The glass of water to Drink became purple, and not green. In Hyde’s body, he thought that there was something unknown, some ingredient that went into the Drug by accident, that made it effective. So, he couldn’t come back to his normal form. The wanted Hyde didn’t want to live in prison and die from the cops, so he poisoned himself, and he brought the life on unhappy Jekyll to an end.