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Bram Stoker: life & novels in a nutshell

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Bram Stoker’s life #

The childhood #

Abraham Stoker was born in Clontarf, a district of Dublin, on November 8 of 1847. He was the third of seven sons, his dad worked in the administrative office of Dublin Castle. Until he was 7 years old he couldn’t stand up for a medical condition so he had a loner childhood. During this period his mum, Charlotte, told him stories that inspired him late. He later cured his illness.

Studies & work #

Bram Stoker studied mathematics at Trinity College, in Dublin. He was a really good student: he excelled in all subjects and in sports too. After school he started working as a civil servant at Dublin castle, during this period he accepted to work for free as journalist and drama critic.

In the 1878 Bram Stoker married Florence Balcom and moved to London, there he started working for Lyceum Theatre. Thanks to his friendship with Henry Ivring, Stoker knew James Whitstler and Arthur Conan Doyle; with these new friends he travelled around the world.

Final years #

In the final years of his life, Bram had a stroke and he spent this time battling through poor health and unstable financial condition. Bram Stoker died in London on** April 20, 1912** for a complication from a stroke , exhaustion and syphilis.

The Novels #

In 1875 Stoker published what became his first novel, The Primrose Path . In the next years he continued to publish writings like Under the Sunset and The Snake’s Pass

Stoker became very rich from the publication of stories and novels that became very popular.

His most sucessfull novel is Dracula, Bram wrote it in seven years and he published it in 1897. The inspiration to write Dracula went from the meeting with Armin Vamery , a hungarian teacher , who told Abraham the story of Vlad Tepes Dracul, a romanian prince.