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Fix fastboot error boot partition is smaller than boot image when installing DivestOS on Fairphone

·552 words·3 mins·🙈
android tutorial custom rom fairphone

Convert jekyll blog images to avif and webp with jekyll picture tag

··1309 words·7 mins·🙈

Optimize png images with pngquant

·523 words·3 mins·🙈
tutorial linux optimization image

Show page visitor count on Hugo static site with Congo theme and Goatcounter analytics

·712 words·4 mins·🙈

Yunohost setup SSH key access only for user account

·810 words·4 mins·🙈
tutorial linux ssh server


Create a Discord Webhook and send messages with Python

·261 words·2 mins·🙈
tutorial python discord webhook

Install Ruby and Jekyll on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

·572 words·3 mins·🙈
tutorial linux ruby jekyll opensuse

Change DNS on Android 9+ and block ads

·384 words·2 mins·🙈
tutorial android adblock dns