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About bortox 🎉

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Website map #

The site (the lair of the Borto) is divided into two sections:

  • Person 😐
  • School 🎒

😐 Person #

Photo 📷 #

The personal section contains a collection of 📷 photos taken by me. Photography has always interested me, and I’ve had several compact cameras since primary schools.

Blog ðŸ’ŧ #

The computer blog (ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ,🇎🇧) instead contains guides and notes to improve the experience of using various Linux ðŸ’ŧ and Android ðŸ“ą distros. I use Arch, btw_.

🎒 School #

Homework and school notes 📝 #

The school section contains the site Compiti Scolastici (ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ), a growing collection of all the notes I took in high school although I update it less lately because I have less time.

I’m migrating all the content from a previous custom jekyll theme to this one, so the English content will be soon available in the English version of

The site can be found in Google results and contains over 100 posts. The most visited ones remain the Latin Versions, because - between you and me - who translates versions from Latin using only the vocabulary without even copying a little bit online?

If you’d like to contribute - code, knowledge or money - to Compiti Scolastici you can see the options available at contribute-cs

Latin Paradigm Finder #

🔍 Trovaparadigmi GUI (ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ) is a Windows program written in Python to quickly and easily compile a complete list of paradigms in a version of Latin.

I wrote the program initially for myself, then made some improvements and distributed an .exe file to my classmates, with the aim of providing everyone with a more or less accurate option to quickly find the paradigms of an entire Latin version, and save them in a text document.

PCTO Environmental Monitoring 🔭 #

A new addition to the school section is PCTO Environmental Monitoring (ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ). The PCTO is a physics course in collaboration with the CNR on climate change and environmental monitoring using spectroscopy.

Eco-sustainability ðŸŒģ #

A visit to bortox produces just 0.06 grams of CO2 - cleaner than 96% of sites tested - and the server uses sustainable energy!

In a year with ~120 000 visits bortox produces just ~9kg of CO2 ⚖ , the equivalent of 4.8kg of pasta 🍝 or 75km by car 🚘.

As soon as I have enough money, I will adopt a tree for the sake of the environment and the people but also to offset CO2 emissions.

Reducing internet traffic consumption ⚡ #

bortox applies the most modern techniques to ensure fast and smooth navigation on the device with light pages ðŸŠķ.

  • Code minification.
  • Service worker for caching -> Possibility of offline browsing.
    • Preloading of articles and related posts.
  • Server-side caching with nginx.
  • Compression of images.
  • Use of vector formats such as .svg for icons.

Such techniques make navigation more ethical because the smoothness of the site is not overly dependent on device and/or network performance.

No advertising ⛔ #

bortox is not a website for-profit site despite the monthly visits. Navigation remains fast and light also because of the absence of advertisements.

Confidentiality of visitors’ data 👀 #

bortox complies with the GDPR and the only analytics (visit statistics) solution used is GoatCounter (hosted in Europe); it complies with the GDPR and is set up to not collect personal information that would allow a visitor to be identified, such as their IP address.

The only information stored on a visitor’s device by the bortox website are those:

  • Dark/light theme preference in local storage.
  • Cache of pages already visited so they are accessible offline for 1 hour after the first visit.

More information about privacy in the Privacy Policy

Everyone can collaborate ðŸ‘Ĩ #

Everyone can see the source code of the website and create a pull request after forking the code.

If you are not familiar with git repos, the easiest way to propose a change is to fill out the form "Propose a change".

To report an error instead, just fill out the form "Report an Error".

Both forms are in ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ Italian but soon they’ll be translated in 🇎🇧 English.